Be sure to see factory options that must be installed when your boat is built. Download a PDF with boat and accessories prices on the Solo 14™ or Tango 17™ pricing and ordering pages. All Prices in CAD.

Dock Lines - Whitehall Spirit® Boats, Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Dock lines (bowline, stern line, and two spring lines)

These are essential if you plan on tying up to a dock. Spring lines come with spliced loops that fit the mushroom cleats. Stern and bow lines have whipped ends which run through either the stern eye or the bow eye and can be fixed by tying a stopper knot. They are cut to appropriate lengths with ends whipped to prevent fraying.

$95 CAD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Fenders with Special Mounting Lines

A set of fenders is necessary to prevent scuffing or chafing when tied to a dock or a larger boat. They are easily hung on the boats side by hooking the looped lines on the fenders over the mushroom cleats installed inside the gunnel. They can be flipped inboard when not required. The Solo 14™ is set up for three fenders along each side. Normally fenders are used only on one side but sometimes two sets (a total of six) is advisable to prevent damage to a larger boat’s topsides when tied alongside.

$145 CAD

Lifting Straps For Hoisting Your Solo or Tango, Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Lifting Straps For Hoisting Your Solo or Tango

These lifting strops, made from braided Spectra line, are ultra strong (8000lbs+). They can easily handle lifting your boat utilizing the traditional oarlock sockets.

Lifting strops make it simple to hoist your boat onto the deck or up into a boathouse or garage. Custom lengths can be made up to suit your specific needs. Call us for advice or information.

Four Spectra straps with spliced eyes $285 CAD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Davit Hanging Straps (two, bow and stern, spliced eyes)

Made from braided Spectra line, these are ultra strong (8000lbs+) and can easily handle lifting your boat utilizing the stern and bow eyes. Custom lengths available for specific needs. Your boat can be left hanging in davits ready to launch easily. Call us about our custom davits made to suit your dock.

$285 CAD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dock Davits

Built in our shop out of tough heavy wall aluminum and fitted with a pair of ratchet winches, this davit system makes hauling your boat clear of the water uncomplicated and easy. Ideal for docks where installation is possible. A pair of Spectra lifting strops will be needed to hang the boat, and also a pair of gunnel spacers.

Call for details.

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Python Lock

This python cable lock is just the thing for securing your boat against theft or unauthorized use. Run the cable through the bow or stern eye and around a fixed object or through a cleat or eyebolt on the dock, trailer or bigger boat, back through the lock and turn the key.

$45 CAD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Dock Bunk

A Dock Bunk is a great way to keep your boat on a dock and makes it easy to launch or retrieve. Hand crafted of Starboard® Copolymer. The Dock Edge Slider (see insert) makes it even easier to handle the boat on and off the dock. Anyone in reasonable shape can easily haul a Solo 14™ or a Tango 17™ up onto a dock up to 18″ (46mm) high. Stretchy bungees make putting the covers on fast and easy.

$832 CAD
With Dock Edge Slider: $989 CAD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Dock Edge Slider

Made of slippery Starboard® copolymer, this is the easiest way to launch or retrieve your boat off a low dock. It’s been used for years for this purpose on the fleet docks of the Whitehall Spirit® Rowing Clubs. Call or email for more details if you have any questions about keeping your boat on a dock.

$155 CAD

Whitehall Rowing & Sail

Boat Dolly

Boat handling is easy with a Whitehall Spirit® Dolly, for hands-on transport. Built from tough 2″ heavy wall aluminum with soft bunks and a winch for easy loading. Provision for bow alignment. Perfect balance for effortless manoeuvring. Corrosion-proof plastic bearings and rims. Not intended for road use or over 10 mph. Trailer hitch available for offroad transport. Perfect for launching or retrieving across most beaches.

Solo 14: $1,035 CAD
Tango 17: $1,105 CAD
Trailer hitch: add $249 CAD