Carbon Fiber Sculling Oars

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Ultra lightweight and extremely strong, these Dreher™ sculling oars are perfect for all water slide seat rowing. The carbon fiber club-style blade are ideal sculling oars for any of the classic models. They feature handles that can be adjusted 41/2” or 10 cm. Lighter or shorter rowers can adjust these oars to “gear down” or ease the power required by shortening the handles. They also feature a cushioned grip with white collars, black buttons, and asymmetric “Club Style” blades. They have rounded corners that will not ding the woodwork. 9’6”(+/-) 4” or 289 cm (+/-) 10 cm.

$1,640 CAD

Traditional Oars: Spruce/Carbon, Oarlocks & Leather Collars

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

These traditional spoon blade oars feature carbon fiber shafts and blades with a Sitka Spruce handle and hand sewn leather collars. The lightness of the shaft and blade enhances the feel of the row stroke and the wood handle helps the grip feel firm. The hand sewn leather collars and pressure cast oarlocks complete the perfect blend of modern materials and traditional style oars.

Oar – Spoon Blade Carbon Wood – Leathers/locks, Non-overlap grip, 7’6”, 231 cm (pair)
$1,325 CAD

Oar – Spoon Blade Carbon Wood – Leathers/locks lapped, 4″ overlapped grip, 8’, 244 cm (pair)
$1,355 CAD

Carbon Fiber Traditional Oars


These carbon fiber oars are the same quality as our carbon scull blades. Tough, lightweight with attractive Macon style spoon blades and very comfortable grips that are identical to the carbon sculling oars. The package includes collars and stainless-steel offset traditional oarlocks.

7’5”, 228 cm (pair)
$1,079 CAD