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Factory Options Classic Whitehall Spirit®

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Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Stainless Keel Strip

Keel strips take the worry out of landing on rough, rocky beaches by preventing wear on the keel. A good investment if you plan to do a bit of exploring and landing on rough beaches is anticipated. These tough stainless steel keel strips are through bolted and totally sealed internally to prevent leakage as well as protect the boat’s bottom. Prices vary and can be found on the PDF on every boat model’s page.

Whitehall Spirit® 14 & Tyee 14: $690 CAD
Westcoast 11.6: $630 CAD
Whitehall Spirit® 17: $735 CAD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Ocean Tender Fully Buoyant Floor

The Ocean Tender Floor was developed for boats used as tenders on larger yachts. It is an interior floor built into the boat to the height of the optional teak floorboards which is an inch or so above the waterline. With the addition of an Ocean Tender Floor the bottom of the boat is now a sealed buoyancy compartment that adds major flotation to the hull. The floor level being slightly above the waterline means if drain plug is removed with no one aboard any water found inside would drain out of the boat down to the level of the waterline. This is handy if the boat is left uncovered on a mooring or tied alongside and subject to filing by heavy rain.

It also adds a safety factor in the unlikely event of swamping or capsize as the boat will float higher and be easier to bail or pump out. The Ocean Tender Floor is a factory option that will offer a great advantage in many applications. Call if you need to go over any details about this unique optional feature.

Whitehall Spirit® 17 Scull: $4250 CAD
Whitehall Spirit® 17 Sail: $4375 CAD
Whitehall Spirit® 17 Traditional: $4065 CAD
Whitehall Spirit® 17 Expedition: $4375 CAD
Whitehall Spirit® 14 Scull: $2980 CAD
Whitehall Spirit® 14 Sail: $3245 CAD
Whitehall Spirit® 14 Traditional: $2980 CAD
Tyee 14 Scull: $2950 CAD
Tyee 14 Sail: $3175 CAD
Tyee 14 Traditional: $2845 CAD
Westcoast 11.6 Scull: $2230 CAD
Westcoast 11.6 Sail: $2575 CAD
Westcoast 11.6 Traditional: $2230 CAD

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Custom Inhull Lift Points & Eyes

These boats can be lifted utilizing the standard bow and stern eyes, but in some situations such as lifting out onto the deck on a larger boat or up a seawall, sometimes custom built lift points built right into the hull are the best solution. A custom quote is available for this optional feature.

Call/email for quote

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Seat-Mounted Lift Ring

When the boat is being fitted to existing davits of a given dimension, sometimes it’s necessary to custom install a folding lift ring on the seat top. These are best fitted when the boat is being built so proper reinforcements can be added to the area. A custom quote is available for this optional feature.

Call/email for quote

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Custom Lifting Strops

Custom lift points require matching lifting strops to fit the davits or single pick hoist to ensure a balanced hoist when hauling or lowering the boat. This is also best fitted at the factory while the boat is being completed. A custom quote is available for this optional feature.

Call/email for quote

Whitehall Rowing and Sail

Gusher 10 Hand Pump

A standard item on our Whitehall Spirit® Expedition model, this 10-gallon-per-minute hand pump complete with hoses strum box, can be factory installed on models with a teak floor.

Call/email for quote

Custom Boat Names for Your Boat’s Transom

Naming your boat is a fun thing that most people do! Custom-lettered names can be mounted on your boat’s transom. We offer three standard fonts as shown. Drop shadows or special graphics increase the price and extensive design consultation is also an extra cost item. We are happy to go over the initial details as you go through the ordering of your boat.

Zapfino, Times New Roman, Brush Script: $249 CAD
Custom font or graphics: Call/email for quote

Whitehall Rowing and Sail
Whitehall Rowing and Sail
Whitehall Rowing and Sail