As social isolation continues, Whitehall Spirit® boat owners and Oar Board® Rower owners are loving that they can continue to keep fit while social distancing. And why not? They have access to the best recreational outdoor rowing equipment available.

As it turns out, many of these folks are also runners who are finding rowing to be a complementary, non-impact cross-training activity to their regular training regime.

Here are a few points to note about the benefits of rowing that are great for runners.


Rowing and running (is) a match made in heaven. As a total body, zero-impact, and complete exercise (that doesn’t require a pool), rowing is the perfect complement to any training plan.

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In a rowing stroke, the work is spread over your entire body. This diversity will help smooth imbalances, build core strength, and develop upper body strength (to help pull you up hills and through final sprints).


Rowing gets you completely off your feet, offering zero-impact training. Even incorporating rowing into your plan one day a week can save 52 days a year of pounding your joints.


Running focuses almost exclusively on your lower body and leads to muscular imbalances and overuse. Rowing can add balance to any training plan and is especially beneficial for runners.


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