For Immediate Release: 09/12/12

Olympic Gold and Silver rower and holder of the fastest single sprint record for the past 16 years, Xeno Müller who still actively coaches elite rowers worldwide, now has an “All Water” double position rowing boat built bearing his personal signature and his own colors. The Xeno Tango 17™ features a white deck and a bright Swiss red hull. When Olympic competitors row they do it in ultra light super narrow boats called racing shells. Like formula one racing cars these skinny unstable racing shells can only race on a special track, in this case flat, calm, water.

The Xeno Tango 17™ is a high tech version of the legendary Whitehall Spirit® classic rowboat famous for it’s ability to handle wind and waves. It’s wider, more stable and outfitted with a slide seat and lightweight carbon fiber sculling oars. It is built out of ultra tough copolymer, which is more impact resistant than fiberglass, and requires little maintenance. The boat is also considered to be virtually unsinkable.

Xeno says, “My Tango 17 sliding seats are bio-mechanically identical to the racing shell I rowed in the Olympics and with the special rowing gear that is integrated into my boat I can row in almost all conditions and on any water. I can row alone or with my wife and kids. The Xeno Tango 17 opens up the other 95% of the available waters on rivers lakes and oceans where the skinny racing rowing shells cannot row because it’s too rough.” The Xeno Tango 17 “All Water” rowboat is like an all terrain land vehicle and a person can row it almost anywhere, even in quite nasty wind and waves.

Xeno, now with a young family says, “When I row this boat three of my passions come together all at once, family, health, and rowing. It’s an ‘All Water’ sculling boat, able to handle calms or wind and waves. It’s the perfect training platform for beginners of any age to learn a proper row stroke, and also excellent for rowing clubs to retain older members and gain new ones. It’s perfect for families to enjoy the art and sport of sculling and one of the best ways to get fit and stay healthy.”

Whitehall Rowing and Sail manufactures the Xeno Tango 17™ and have produced thousands of classic rowing boats over the past quarter century. They are often called the most beautiful boats in the world because of their flowing eye pleasing lines. Company owner Harold Aune says, “We are pleased to have such a recognized leader in the sport of rowing put his name on this incredible all water rowing boat. The Whitehall Spirit Tango 17™ is a boat that piggy-backs benefits for those who row and scull regularly; it increases energy and fitness levels, individuals can get “me” time rowing alone, and couples, families and friends can get “we” time while being active together. The bonus of nature time on local waters also helps anyone, but especially those who have a busy lifestyle.”

Harold Aune
Phone 250 384 6574