Water Wheel Rowing Machines

Row all year, in any season.

At Whitehall we’re passionate about rowing and finding ways to help you improve your year-round rowing experience. Unlike the west coast of British Columbia, where we are based, in many other parts of Canada rowing on the water is a seasonal activity.

An indoor Water Wheel Rowing Machine is the perfect companion to your Whitehall boat or Oar Board®.

Maintain your cardio and strength levels during bad weather or during the winter season. And as you already know, rowing builds your body up without breaking it down.

Indoor rowing gives you a total full body workout, just like your actual rowing boat does (minus super fresh air and adventure), while using close to 90 percent of your muscles with every stroke. It’s an efficient workout that burns more calories than jogging. And, just like rowing your actual boat, it’s totally easy on your knees.

  • whitehall-rowing-and-sail-water-wheel-rowing-machine-wooden-foldable

Wooden Foldable Water Wheel Rowing Machine


$1,595 CAD

(plus shipping and handling)


Suitable for all ages

40 KG
Crate size:
960 x 570 x 570mm
(38.5 x 22.5” x 22.5”)
Operating dimensions:
2150 x 550 x 490mm
(84.6” x 21.6” x 19.3”)
Total height standing while folded:
1200 high x 760 x 510mm
(47” x 30” x 20”)

Please Note:

Some assembly required.

Onboard computer will report stroke rate and time duration, however, for serious competitive rowers, consider opting for a Concept2 system.

  • whitehall-rowing-and-sail-water-wheel-rowing-machine-steel-1

Steel Water Wheel Rowing Machine


$1,495 CAD

(plus shipping and handling)


Suitable for all ages

26.5 kg
Crate Sizes (two):
1900 x 565 x 960mm
75” x 22.5” x 38”
1420 x 115 x 55mm
56” x 4.5” x 2.5”
Operating dimensions:
2250 x 550 x 495mm (85” x 22” x 20”)
Total height standing vertical:
2350 high x 510 x 510mm ( 7’ x 20” x 20”)

To order, contact us for complete pricing, including delivery to your home or cottage.

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